Mega alert

Donald Trump made a speech calling on his deputy, Mike Pence, to disallow the presidential election result that morning and calls for a peaceful protest on Capitol Hill.

Congress starts the process to certify the result, but about 60 Republicans complain about alleged and real fraud. Some say Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona probably were rigged due to the wired results, but Pennsylvania has been proven by most not to be rigged. Mitch McConnell gives a impassioned speech supporting American democracy.

Far right-wing militia highjacked a pro-Trump rally out side the Capitol Building and become violent towards the cops. The 'Pro-Trump' militia men try to storm The Capitol Building, but are seen briefly off by cops and security guards in a sea of tear gas and pepper spray at about 19.00 GMT.

Both chambers are recessed, with the people inside wearing as masks and security agents draw guns, as the buildings are locked down.

The vice president and Senator Chuck Grassley flee to a place of safety and allows the certification to go ahead on legal grounds.

The senators and congress people are evacuated via a secret tunnel. The reports that the ceremonial room was entered and trashed were false, it was just briefly broken in to by some of the more violent protesters. Some on Dutch social media compare it to the sort of situations found in South America.

President Trump say his deputy sold out on him, but that protests should not get violet or attack the cops.

The Georgia senatorial election votes in 2 democrats.

Vice President, Mike Pence; Mike Pompano, George Bush Jr. and the French foreign minister condemns the attack on The Capitol.

The Pentagon threatens to send in the National Guard after the protesters finally take over the The Capitol's Ceremonial Room and the congress's chamber.

MPD and Capitol Police Cops disable a IED on Capitol Hill.

The Mayor of DC deciares a 6.00pm-6.00am Washington DC time (23.00pm-11.00am GMT) curfew and the FBI say they will help enforce it.

President elect, Joe Biden, condemns the attack on The Capitol and changed President Trump to condemn the protests on TV.

The German Ambassador, German Foreign Minister, British Foreign Minister, British PM and Canadian PM condemn the attack on The Capitol.

A spokesman for the Republican Party reports that they had earlier found a bomb in there HQ and had it defused.

President Trump goes on Twitter and asks the crowds to disperse and for the the results to be challenge by legal means only

5 are wounded, 4 fatally. 1 cop was wounded and 1 protester was shot and fatally wounded by a cop.

A S. Carolina congress woman (R), condemns the attack on The Capitol. She revels several Congress people and seniors had reserve death treats. President Trump's son had recently threatened republican Senators and Congress people with 'enforced primaries'.

The DC National Guard are put on standby and MDP SWAT teams start to back up the Capitol Police at 21.50pm GMT.

The MDP and DC national Guard crush the protests at about 22.30 GMT and the certification process recommences soon afterwards.

Similar, but peaceful event occered around governor's mansions including California, Texas, Orion, Washington DC and Kansas.

Some American financiers and businesses condemn the attack.

Walmart end donations to those who opposed certifying president-elect Joe Biden's victory. Amazon, Marriott International, Morgan Stanley, Dow, Airbnb, and AT&T. cut funds to particularly disturbing Republicans. JP Morgan, Citibank, Microsoft and Facebook end all political donations to both parties.

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