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Ultra alert[]

UK deaths are the worst in Europe, with a total of 30,000 fatalities.

Social media rumours begin circulate in the UK about the partly covering up of death in care homes.

Eurosceptics, fascists and racists say the viruses was a Oriental plot to wipe out Whites. Attacks on Orientals were up 300% on last year.

The government will cut the furloughing payments from 80% of pay to 60% of pay because they think the furloughed people are lazy and should get permanent jobs elsewhere.

Virgin Atlantic cuts 3,000 jobs as it enters ecanomic collapse.

Eurosceptic leader, Nigel Farage, is warned by police for beach of lockdown.

UK and US security agencies say that Iran, China and Russia hacked UK and American computers to steal secret vaccine and medicine formulas.


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