Tasmania is an island located off the southern end of the Australian continent. Hobart is the capital and is situated in the south of the island on the Derwent River. Mount Wellington is an imposing back drop of Hobart and on a clear day from the summit it provides beautiful views of Hobart and its surrounds.

File:IMG 0420.jpg

View of Mount Wellington from the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hobart

File:Tasmanian Flag.png

The official flag of Tasmania. Image copied from [[1]] wikipedia

Elections[edit | edit source]

In March 2014 the Liberals defeated Lanour.

Will Hodgson replaces Miss Lara Giddings as Premier.

Liberal 15 (10)

Labour 7 (10)

Green 3 (5).

In addition PUP got 5% of the vote.

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