Patricia Mary Phyllis Anna Jones is a Warrington supermarket stockroom worker.

Biographical statistics.
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Name- Patricia Mary Phyllis Anna Jones.

Patricia Mary Phyllis Anna Jones.

Birthday- 19/05/1977.
Gender- Female.
Born in- Salford.
Education- Secondary and Primary schooling in Salford. A+ A-level in art and design, business, economics and accounting at Wigan & Leigh College.
Job- Supermarket stockroom worker in Warrington.
Married to- Non
Children- Non.
Hobbies- Cats, bird watching and cooking.
Lives in- Wigan, Lancashire.
Years in current job- 18.
Net worth- £12,550.
Health issues- Hypothyroidism (Underactive Thyroid) and sterilised by a cancer related hysterectomy aged 12.
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