2nd[edit | edit source]

Donald Trump, Chief of StaffCampaign Chief and his wife have Covid-19.


3rd[edit | edit source]

President Trump is now hospitalised by Covid-19, but is doing well.

5th[edit | edit source]

White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, has Covid-19.

An XLS\Excel data sheet technical fault meant that 15,841 Covid-19 cases and 48,000 check and trace contacts were not reported in N.W. England.

6th[edit | edit source]

Pressure mounts on Dido Harding, head of Public Health England (PHE), to resign for the UK's Covid-19 data loss.

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Protesters stormed the parliament in the capital, Bishkek, after the parliamentary election to be annulled. 1 died and 600 were injured .

People were filmed throwing paper from windows of the the office of President Sooronbai Jeenbekov.

9th[edit | edit source]

The FBI announced the defeat of a plot to abduct and overthrow Michigan's Democratic Governor, Gretchen Whitmer.

The FBI named the plotters as: Adam Fox, Brandon Caserta, Daniel Harris, Kaleb Franks Ty Garbin, Eric Molitor, Michael Null and William Null.

The thugs claimed the governor was an unconstitutional tyrant that used Covid-19 restrictions to permit a non-White take over of the state.

The Department of Homeland Security warrened of such plots earlier in the weak and Joe Biden, the Democratic White House challenger to Donald Trump, condemned the racist militias.

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11th[edit | edit source]

The Iowa, Texas, Florida & Arizona state races look as if they will end in a Democrat victory.

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14th[edit | edit source]

10,000 are evacuated and rice fields destroyed as flood hit Cambodia during heavy rainstorms.

15th[edit | edit source]

China plans to build a navy base in Cambodia.

10,000 Thais hold an anti-Junta\anti-monarchist rally the Bangkok.

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16th[edit | edit source]

The UK ends Brexit talks with the EU.

17th[edit | edit source]

Jacinda Ardern has a landside victory in the polls due to her exceptional good handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and Auckland racist shooting incident.

Also see[edit | edit source]

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18th[edit | edit source]

Manchester's Metro Mayor, Andy Burnham, has said the government had exaggerated the effects of covid-19  in the city, given it to little covid-19 related aid and that the government hates the city.  

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22nd[edit | edit source]

12 protesters were shot dead by 20 cops during anti-police protests around the Lekki toll plaza in Lagos. A jail was bunt down and shops looted at one point. Another jail was burnt down outside of Lagos.

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23rd[edit | edit source]

Sudan normalized relations with Israel after the USA agreed to stop listing Sudan as a state sponsor of terrorism.

25th[edit | edit source]

7 kids are killed and 12 injured as an unidentified gang of Cameroonians gun massacre a school in the south western town of Kumba.

The anti-monarchist protests continue in Thailand. The protester sair loyalty to the anarchist rebellion in Hong Kong.

Anti-corruption protests and riots hit Baghdad. The police dispersed them with teargas.

The opposition wins the fist presidential election in 44 years.

Small pro-democracy protests hit several cities. A major protest and rally in Minsk is dispersed with water cannon and stun grenades.

The SBS and Royal Navy crush the 7 terrorist who hijacked the Liberian-registered and Greek owned vessel, Nave Andromeda, of the south eastern coast of the Isel of Wight in the UK.

The tanker ship's route was from Lagos in Nigeria to Southampton in the UK via the Canary Islands in Spain and a point off the French coast just south of Saint Nazaire in Brittany.

27th[edit | edit source]

Voter turnout is at an all time high in the state of Georgia. Trump may win a marginal victory in Pennsylvania. Voter suppression and intimidation have been reported in parts of Georgia and Pennsylvania.

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29th[edit | edit source]

Knife attacks occer in the cities of Nice and Avignon.

It was apparently done in revenge for the French President's condemnation of Islam as a whole and Islamic terror, along with an official endorsement of the muck raking Charlie Hebdo magazine's latest anti-Islam cartoons and mockery of the Turkish President.

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Jeremy Corbyn is accused by the British Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) of being a pathological anti-Semite and is suspended from the party. The Labour party is told to to remove all known anti-Semites in 6 weeks or face a court case over it.

Equality and Human Rights Commission again refuses to even believe that Islamophobia exists in mainstream UK politics and again refuses to investigate its presence in the Conservative party.

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