The Municipalities of the Republic of Macedonia are first-order administrative divisions. In February 2013, the Republic of Macedonia was reorganised into 80 municipalities (Macedonian: општини, opštini; singular: општина, opština); 10 of the municipalities constitute the City of Skopje (or Greater Skopje), a distinct unit of local self-government and the country's capital.

Most of the current municipalities were unaltered or merely amalgamated from the previous 123 municipalities established in September 1996; others were consolidated and their borders changed. Prior to this, local government was organised into 34 administrative districts, communes, or counties (also opštini). In 2004 they were reduced to 84 and in 2013 the Municipalities Drugovo, Zajas, Oslomej and Vraneštica were merged into the Kičevo Municipality.

In turn, Macedonia is subdivided into eight statistical regions (регион, regioni), based on the prior municipal/county framework; one of these regions, Skopje, encompasses Greater Skopje and the surrounding area.

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