A few general rules concerning the map as to ensure "success:"

  • Record the map in Png format to avoid 'pixelation' and blurring.
  • Copy the full-size version of the map to avoid 'pixelation' and blurring.
  • Make all nations different colors.
  • Try to make a map for each year.
  • Colored circles or a lighter tint of clour on nations mean they are a protectorate, client/satellite state, etc. of another nation.
  • Colored diamonds in a nation are foreign, rebel or national government forces in a major civil war.
  • It's not always beneficial to draw border lines willy-nilly; if possible, try to find resources such as this to get inspiration.
  • The map shall be updated every five turns or less
  • The map shall be categorised to prevent confusion
    • e.g: Axis vs Allies maps should be under the category: Axis vs Allies (Map Game) Maps
  • The map shall be named Year.MapGameName.FileExtension
    • e.g: 1938.5.AxisvsAlliesReborn.jpg
  • The world wide (ie, all of Earth, all of Mars, etc) maps shall be at set at 1500x750 pixels in length and height or more in size.
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