A map of Bhutan showing its disputed borders with China and India June, 2010. Source CIA World Factbook.

Location of Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary (pale orange). Author: User: NordNordWest; Bhutan Trust Fund, Government of Bhutan.

An 1876 map depicting Sikkim, Chumbi Valley and Bhutan ("Gipmochi pk" is marked near Batang-la).

An 1888 map of the Empire of China by Edward Stanford narrowed down to the borders with Bhutan.

  1. Shakhatoe.
  2. Chumbi Valley.
  3. Mt. Kula Kangri.
  4. Jakarlung Valley.
  5. Pasamlung Valley.
  6. Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary.
  7. The Doklam Pass and Doklam Plateau.
  8. The People's Republic of China's claim on the northern part of Bhutan's Gasa District.
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