The World's climate zones.

Here is a 28 question quiz.[edit | edit source]

  1. What was the Repaboleki ya Bophuthatswana?
  2. What is the planned South African “Volkstaat“?
  3. Who was the South African Andries Pretorius?
  4. What was the Boers’ “Great Trek” in S. Africa?
  5. In which nation is the Province of Gauteng?
  6. In which nation is the Highveld?
  7. When was the South African town of Klerksdorp built?
  8. What NATO nations used the MGM-31 Pershing missile?
  9. What is the American M983 HEMTT vehicle used for?
  10. What does the firm Oshkosh Corporation make?
  11. Which nation used the Blue Steel missile?
  12. Who invented the personal usage submarine Deep Flight Super Falcon?
  13. Where was the ancient Balkans city of Dionysopolis?
  14. When was the WWI Battle of Transylvania?
  15. What was the topic of the Treaty of Bucharest of 1916?
  16. Has the Brașov metro-zone got a population of over 500,000?
  17. What is the Bhutan Observer?
  18. Where in Asia is the Raidāk River?
  19. Where in Africa is the Brünig railway line?
  20. When was the British "Cromwell Tank" invented?
  21. For what terrorist faction did the Arab Ahmed Jibril work?
  22. Who is the present president of the Czech Republic?
  23. Where in Europe was the Sudetenland?
  24. Who was Eamon De Valera?
  25. How many wives did Henry the 8th of England have?
  26. Does Cuba have a tropical or subtropical climate?
  27. When was the Sino-Sikh war?
  28. In which nation is Prudhoe Bay?

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Answers are found on retentive Wikipedia pages.

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There are many people who achieved much in there lives and left a great legacy. Now you can decide who you think was the most influential person in human history out of this awesome list of 22 people!

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