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All derelict property, permanently empty property and shops that fail to reopen after Covid-19 due to corporate failure will be demolished and turned in to housing.

It was claimed by some critics on social media that most of it will become yuppie flats, commuter flats and\or immigrant housing. There were also concerns that there no major mentions of youth centers, student diggs, care homes or doss houses.

Most planning application and building quality control rules will be scrapped.

The PM pledged that pubs, libraries, village shops and other facilities “essential to the lifeblood of communities” would not be bulldozed to make space homes by his plans.

The homeless people's' charity Shelter asked the prime minister to spend the £12bn pot for so-called “affordable housing” from 5 to 2 years.

255,000 new homes built in 2019 and 171,000 in 2020.

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