Alert[edit | edit source]

The background[edit | edit source]

The police drug check up on a 17 year old in an international dropout commune's mass party in a Central Park on 20\06\2020 caused a riot the next day.

The event[edit | edit source]

400-500 dropouts and druggies fought 100 cops on and about Koenigstrasse that night and early the next morning.

The regional broadcaster SWR said a jewellery store was completely emptied by looters and a mobile phone shop wrecked by hooligans.

Associated Press found that a 1 Euro Store, Bank and shoe shop were hit to

A total of 9 shops were looted while 14 others suffered damage such as broken windows.

Stuttgart Police said that 40 businesses were vandalised and 9 of them looted by the time order was restored at around 4am.

19 cops were injured and 20 arrests were made in Stuttgart as a result of it. 12 police vehicles were damaged.

Offical German response[edit | edit source]

Stuttgart's Green party mayor, Fritz Kuhn, called the attacks on police “unacceptable” and said “One cause was likely alcohol, another the addiction to social media film clips,”.

Baden-Württemberg's state premier, Winfried Kretschmann, said "I sharply condemn this brutal outbreak of violence, these acts against people and things are criminal action that must be forcefully prosecuted and condemned,".

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