Hyper alert[edit | edit source]

Oregon[edit | edit source]

150-200 Antifa and anarchists scuffled with local cops then vandalised Democratic Party of Oregon HQ and party business office. Some also clashed with with counter-protesting right-wing militias and Trump supporters in Portland. Antifa members smashed windows at the federal Nakamura Courthouse. Federal Protective Services used tear gas and flash bangs at a crowd of 200 protesters in another incident Portland, Oregon.

Washington state[edit | edit source]

Several places including an Amazon Go store were vandalised Seattle by Anarchists.

At least 100 Antifa and Anarchists scrawled graffiti, smashed windows, set fire to an American flag and trashed the historic Starbucks coffee shop on Pike Place, Seattle.

Colorado[edit | edit source]

Communist and anti-fascist demonstrators burnt an American flag near State Capitol in Denver.

Arrests[edit | edit source]

  • Portland= 8
  • Seattle= 2

Sources[edit | edit source]

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