High alert[edit | edit source]

The UK government faces criticism by anti-vaxxers and Covid-19 deniers again.

  • Here are the accusations made and thire rebuttals:
  1. It only delayed, not stopped infection- The NHS got time to cope and adapt.
  2. Hotel quarantine is inhuman and cruel- A stint in jail is worse.
  3. 10 years for not declaring a visit to "Red list nations" like Portugal is disproportionate and victimising- It is not the holiday, but the risk of catching Covid-19 that is the problem.
  4. People are going in to mental decline and the economy is dying- If the government had not folded up to it's critics during the 1st lockdown it would have cut the numbers and collateral damage vastly like Taiwan, Australia and NZ did.
  5. Boris Johnston and Matt Hancock are useless- Yep for the prior, nope for the latter.
  6. Boris Johnston is a dictator- No, he was elected to office and he is not not nerve gassing opposition held towns like Saddam Hussein did at Hilabja, et all.

Sources[edit | edit source]

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