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Oxford University expert, Dr Tom Jefferson, senior associate tutor at the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM), belves that that there is growing evidence that the virus was elsewhere before it emerged in Asia.

Spanish virologists found traces of the disease in samples of Spanish waste water collected in March 2019.

Italian scientists also found evidence of coronavirus in sewage samples in Milan and Turin, in mid-December 2019.

Sanitation experts have found traces in Brazil in November 2019.

Ex-MI6 director, Sir Richard Dearlove, believed the virus was bio-engineered and escaped by accident from a lab in the city of Wuhan, where the first victims were identified in December 2019.

The American and Australian government are known for thire Sinophobeic attitudes and are obsessed with blaming China for everything. They claimed it was a Chines polt to make a will kill all Whites only bio-weapon that escape or was released on purpose depending on who you are talking to. They are the sort who would most likley spead it in China as a black opps miion to kill Chines people or frame China to justify a war or regime change.

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It was 15% of British and 27% of Americans fear vaccination. There is a popular belief started by medical paranoids connected with the alt-right and sections of the FDA has become gospel amongst online teenagers and 20 somethings that it was caused by Bill Gates of Microsoft fame.

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