Ultra alert[edit | edit source]

It is estimated by Lebanese state authorities that 100 are dead and 4,000 wounded in Beirut!

The Lebanese government said there is $3bn in damage, 300,000 homeless and the destruction of 85% of the nation's stored grain.

France, Germany, Qatar, Greece and Russia send rescue teams and supplies to Beirut. The UK pledges 5m in cash aid as well.

The fertilizer store had been de facto abandoned for 6 years.

The red smoke was nitrates from burning fertilizer and the blast was reckoned by SkyNews to be about 1kt (1 kiloton) in strength. Offical Lebanese analysis says the blast was over that of 500 tonnes of TNT (0.5kt) in equivalent blast strength. 

Windows were smahed up to 3 km away!

Political intrigues, corruption and government infighting are the main causes of the nation's decline, but this was aggravated by both the Syrian civil war and bullying by nations that gave it inadequate fiscal aid and heavy interest rates.

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