High alert[edit | edit source]

Atavists working for the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) accused Burmese security forces have killed 550 people, 46 of them being children.

Burmese security forces have killed people in:

  1. Monywa City- 3 dead.
  2. Bago- 1 dead, 3 wounded.
  3. Thaton- 1 dead.

5 people were reveled to have been arrested in Yangon Market the on 02\04\2021.

20 people died and 12,000 fled thire homes after air strikes in Karen National Union (KNU) territory along the border with Thailand over the last few days. It was the first airstrikes on them for 20 years since previous attacks have consisted only of ground troops.

All internet access is cut off both domestically and globally.

Myint Swe, who currently serving as the acting president and vice-president, appeared to be losing both the control over and support of a significant part of Myanmar's people.

Many South Koreans leave Myanmar fearing the worst as the nation's instability deepens.

Th U.S. condemns the internal and external internet shutdown by Myanmar.

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