High alert[edit | edit source]

A man in a Nissan Altima car has tried to run down several cops outside the U.S. Capitol Building and hit a concrete road barrier in a terrorist Vehicle-ramming attack. United States Capitol Police Officer William Evans was killed and 1 other was wounded. The attacker left the car wielding a knife and began to lunge at the surviving officers. When he refused to listen to verbal commands to co-operate he was shot by another officer and arrested.

The 25 year old attacker, Noah Green, was recently made redundant from his job and was a fresh political convert to the Nation of Islam organization. His Facebook page had statement supporting Louis Farrakhan on it. He was shot by the surviving cops and died in hospital.

The US Capitol was locked-down and it's staffers were told to shelter in place as security was stepped up and the local National Guard mobilized near to the security checkpoint.

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