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Republicans and Democrats spent so much time fighting each other over how to cheat each out of the 2020 presidential election that the $600 (£459) weekly jobless benefit paid weekly to tens of millions of unemployed Americans expired unnoticed. Many Americans rely on food banks and unemployment is rife.

Mexico's death toll is now the world's third highest after the U.S. and Brazil in recording greater numbers of deceased victims.

A record 57,000 new daly Covid-19 cases in India, the worst hit province being Maharashtra.

Pubs, clubs and gyms may close in the UK since experts reckon they are the main vector of infection between people with and without covid-19.

Governor Denny Tamaki declares a 2 week state of emergency as a Covid-19 plague hits Okinawa. The US Marines desperately that it was caused when a total of 225 US Marines fell ill with it on bse 4 days earlier. The number of victims have risen since and many have died of it.

Action Scotland holds an anti-English protest at Glasgow Central station. The Scottish Assembly and Scots want the border permanently closed and expel all English. The Welsh Sonny and the Welsh want a quarantine closed border, no attacks on the ethnic English racial overtones.

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